Welcome to Our Way Health

We’re putting TIME back into a doctor-patient relationship.

Our model liberates our healthcare providers to ensure You and Your loved ones receive genuine CARE.

Our Mission is to help our community win better health, offer first-class care and rebuild the doctor-patient relationship that makes healthcare work.

Receive Customized Healthcare No More Big Business Getting In The Way  

Direct Primary Care Benefits

Primary Care Physicians Are Your Most Powerful Ally


We offer value through our independence from insurance companies, and as a result are able to deliver a no-nonsense, straightforward, and dedicated healthcare coverage that leads to improved well-being for your employees, and better performance for your business.

Distinguished Personal Care

Not burdened with the red tapes of bureaucracy, we are able to focus on you, your community, and the education and all-around well-being of all. We firmly believe that everyone’s ultimately in control of their lives, and a physician’s first and foremost duty is to guide patients toward health at all times.

Individuals & Families

Our mission is to build relationships with patients, as together we can better maintain and improve health. We take time to educate and motivate whole families, so together they can achieve better health.

How to Use Our Way Health

Preventative Care

We work for your complete physical, mental and social well-being, and to help you spend more time living, and less time in a waiting room.

Chronic Disease Management

We invest in knowing You beyond scribbled notes and medical entries, and offer a complete health plan tailored to your own well-being. From diagnosis through continuous treatment, we’ll be there for you.

Urgent Care

We’ll make sure you are treated in the best, most efficient way: no more unnecessary trips to the ER, and no-fuss contact with your doctor when you need it



  • – Off-hours & Off-site Coverage via Phone or Electronic Device
  • – In-Office Visit Hours*:
    • Monday to Thursday: 9AM to 4PM
    • Friday: 9AM to 1PM

*We are flexible. Other in-office visit times available upon request


  • Primary Adult: $99/month
  • Add Second Adult (Any 1 family member) $49/month
  • Add Dependent (Age 6-26) at $25/month

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